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Institute of Popular Science

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The Million Dollar Buhl Planetarium and Institue of Popular Science North Side, Pittsburgh, Pa.

The Institute of Popular Science Building was built in 1939  and designed by architects Ingham & boyd. It is located at 10 Children's Way and is a part of the Children's Museum of Pittsburg. Front view of the Buhl Planetarium and Institute of Popular Science - a memorial to the late Henry Buhl, Jr. North side merchant and philanthropist.

RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company's Office Bldg

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A-22 Night Scene, R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company's Office Bldg,. Winston - Salem, N.C.

Founded by R.J. Reynolds in 1875 and is the second largest tobacco company in the US. He was the son of a tobacco farmer in Patrick County, Virginia who sold his shares leaving for the nearest town with a railroad to start his own company. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co,'s Office Building was opened May 1,s 1929, It has 23 stories with more then 200,000 square feet of floor space, making it the largest office building in North Carolina.

The Mansion House

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The Mansion House, Nauvoo, Illinois

This was Joseph Smith's second Nauvoo home, where he resided 1843-1844. it was the largest hotel in the city, once containing 22 rooms. The rear 60 free have been removed. Card #77102 Printed by Paragon Press.

Joseph Smith Jr was the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement. He used the house as his personal home, a public boarding house, a hotel and a site for the performance of temple ordinances. This house was built by Robert D. Foster of white pine in Greek Revival style and is 2 stories.  Joseph Smith and his family moved into the mansion in August, 31 1843

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Desert Road Runner

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A picturesque bird frequently seen on the Western deserts. He is a very fast runner and feeds on desert insecets, lizards, ect. He is usually about 21 inches long and would rather run then fly.  Card # FS-1313 Printed by Western Resort Publications, Santa Ana, Calif.

The Roadrunner is classified as a Geococcyx californianus which means the Californian Earth cuckoo and is a long legged bird in the cuckoo family. It is also known as the chaparral cock, ground cuckoo and a snake killer.

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Notre Dame Bridge, Mancester, N.H.

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Notre Dame Bridge, Manchester, N.H.

Queen City, Manchester, N.H.

Notre Dame Bridge, built in 1937 makes the fourth bridge to span the Merrimac River at this point in the las 145 years. First Bridges called "McGregor" built in 1792 in honor of its builder. Second, in 1825. Third, built in 1881. Card # 69015. Published by Amoskeag News Company.

The Notre Dame Bridge is one of five surviving steel arch bridges and is the longest bridge of the pre-war era in the state of New Hampshire.

White House, Washington, D.C. Linen Postcard

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White House, Washington D.C. linen postcard  was published by the Washington News Company. Card # 112627

The white House has been the home of the Presidents from the time of John Adams to the present. Washington selected the site, laid the corner-stone in 1792, and with his wife inspected the finished building in 1799. The building  is of Virginia freesotne. After the house had been fired by the British troops in 1814, and only the walls were left standing, the restored exterior was painted white to obliterate the marks of the fire.

The house was designed by James Hoban,  and constructed between 1792 and 1800.

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Picturesque Old Water Wheel During Indian Summer

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Beautiful linen postcard of old water wheel with the colors of indian summer. Card number on the front N-52 and published by the asheville Post Card Co.

Back in the day water wheels were used for converting energy from free flowing or falling water into power. Vertical wheels transmit power through the axle or a ring gear. The most common are mounted vertically on a horizontal axel like you see on this card.  Some water wheels were still used commercially well into the 20th century but are no longer in common use.  Outside of producing electric, water wheels have been used in the past for milling.


Philadelphia Pa. Centre Square In 1800

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Philadelphia, Pa. Centre Square in 1800, Present site of City Hall

In 1682 William Penn planned a city that designated a square for public use at Broad and Market streets. It started as a meeting house but it was too far from the river to be accessible. In the early 18th century men would race their horses around the square. This card shows what Centre Square looked like before it's demolition to build city hall.


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Daniels And Fisher Tower, Denver, Colo

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POSTCARD CAPTION: Daniels and Fisher Tower Denver, Colo. Height Of Tower 375 Feet

From the Observation Balcony a panoramic view of 200 miles of Rocky Mountains is visible. Pikes Peak to the south and Longs Peak to the north.

CARD # 130

PRINTER: Andborn Souvenir co., Denver, Colo

HISTORY: The tower was built as part of the Daniels & Fisher department store in 1910 and was the tallest building from Mississippi and California at the time of it's construction with the height being 325 feet (99m). The designer of the building was Frederick Sterner and the resemblance of the Campanile St. Mark's Bell at tje Tower Plaza San Marco which is in Venice, Italy.  the clock tower is 20 floors and there are clock faces on all four sides. In later years Daniels & Fisher was sold to the May Company which was in 1958 til the store closed. The store was then torn down in 1971 but the tower was saved and renovated into lofts and business in 1981 and still stands today in downtown Denver Colorado.  Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret, Lannie Garrett's own entertainment venue is located in the basement level of the tower. The top 2 floors occupies a 2 1/2 ton bell above the observation deck.

In 1969 the Daniels & Fisher Tower was listed in the National Register of Historic Places

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Barbara Fritchie House, Frederick, MD.

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The Barbara Fritchie House Frederick, Maryland.

The home of the heroine of Whittier's Immortal Poem is located in the heart of Frederick and directly on U.S. 40. It is opened to the public and contains many pricless relicks of this Civil War heroine.

Card Number on front is 78

Card Number on back is 4B-H384


Marken & Bielfeld, Inc., Frederick, Md.


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